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We as a startup in US healthcare analytics is looking for the opportunity to partner with Payers/Providers/ACOs/DPCs in our analytic maturity journey. As a rising advisor in US healthcare analytics, we recognizes the challenges our partner in cultivating robust methodologies, and measures that move our partner organization forward as they tackle evolving risk arrangements. We recognizes the staff time, resources, and cost an organization must dedicate to build and maintain our methodologies, and measures in house. A partnership with us will surely eases those burdens and allows our partner to move your analytic initiatives further, faster. Recognizing Our partners unique evaluation process and analytic initiatives alongside current our analytics, we have outlined the following proposed partnership.

Data activators Healthcare solution

This proposed option emulates our partner’s peers who have partnered with us to support a comprehensive population risk management and value-based contracting strategy. We are an enterprise data warehousing, analytics and reporting solution designed to enable healthcare organizations to analyze and predict financial, clinical, in a timely and accurate manner.

To curtail the appropriate solution for our partner, we are delighted to support our partner in following terms:

  • Claims and clinical data aggregation and processing from disparate data sources (includes mapping input files as needed)
  • Financial performance management (ACO, Commercial, etc.)
  • Total Cost of Care (TCOC) analysis & reporting
  • Cost categorization
  • Utilization pattern identification & trending
  • Population health analysis and reporting
  • Medical management & case finding
  • Clinical interventions program measurement
  • Risk score stratification
  • Quality measures and care gaps support
  • HCC risk score optimization
  • Chronic condition analysis
  • Patient attribution
  • Provider performance management / efficiency and leakage
  • Advanced analytic reporting & data visualization platform

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